Skill Factor Consultants is a company that offers a range of educational support services to education and training providers such as curriculum and learning programme development, e-learning solutions and quality management systems, for Industry, Higher Education and the FET sector.

e-Learning Courses

Online or e-learning is at the forefront of 21st century methodologies, using the internet and multimedia to reach the learner. We are very excited to introduce our latest product in the SFC stable, Online Learning.


Learning Materials

Skill Factor has widespread experience in the development of curricula and learning materials. We have a team of experienced developers that we draw on to develop custom-designed learning programmes and modules for a wide range of clients. 


Organisational Research

Skill Factor Consultants are well-equipped to conduct commissioned organisational research (using qualitative research methods) for the purposes of decision-making in a variety of sub-disciplines of education.


Skill Audits & Needs Analysis

We conduct workplace skills analyses within any workplace context, identifying key result areas and specific skills required for optimal performance.

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Learning Materials Development

We create and develop learning materials, including curriculum frameworks, learner and facilitator strategies and guides, training courses for the development of higher education lecturers, assessment strategies, activities and guidelines as well as customised assessor training. All materials are aligned with the requirements for SETA accreditation (if required).

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Recognition of Prior Learning

Both consultants have served in a personal capacity as member of the SGB for Assessors engaged in the development of two unit standards for RPL (levels 5 and 7).


Skill Factor Consultants

Skill Factor Consultants is a company that offers a range of educational support services to education and training providers.  These range from curriculum and learning programme development to e-learning solutions and quality management systems.  We engage with all sectors of the education and training spectrum including the FET sector, Industry and Higher Education. We offer quality services based on 30 years’ experience in education and training.

Customers Feedback

Every company should be this way

Outstanding Products, Outstanding Support, Outstanding Business Ethics...Every company should follow these guys. WELL WORTH THE MONEY!

Bob Stevenson

True professionals

Our company could not have done without their invaluable advice and skill in establishing our important training programs. Excellent!

Wally Burns

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